HEART Women & Girls seeks to promote the reproductive & sexual health of faith-based
communities through developing culturally-sensitive health information and programming.


Help us create safe communities. HEART is committed to offering victim-centered resources and information, and working with communities to create safer and more empowering spaces for survivors and their families.


Empower yourself today. Our peer educators are trained to answer your reproductive and sexual health questions in a manner that is anonymous, empowering, and culturally-sensitive. Ask your question today!


Learn about our work. Read our blog to learn more about sexual health, sex education, and sexual violence. Enjoy our guest bloggers and their experiences.

What is culturally-sensitive health education?

We are committed to developing reproductive and sexual health information that is scientifically accurate yet presented in a way that honors the values and cultural context of faith-based communities. We have a variety of toolkits and guides. For a full list of our publications, please click here.

Why does HEART do advocacy?

HEART was founded to fill an important gap: the absence of safe spaces for women and girls in faith-based communities to learn about their sexual and reproductive health. For over five years now, HEART has advocated for women and girls to have spaces in which they enjoy emotional, social, physical, and cultural safety, so that they have the information and resources they need to achieve empowered reproductive health. To learn more of our story, please click here. 

What kind of research is HEART’s work based on?

Our programming relies heavily on data derived from needs-assessments and evidence-informed practice. Because of the absence of culturally-specific data, we are pursuing partnerships with academic institutions to collect and analyze data specific to faith-based and ethnic communities. To learn more about why our work is important, click here.

Does HEART offer training?

We offer many train-the-trainer seminars for professionals in the field of reproductive and sexual health and for adult allies who work with youth. Additionally, we offer numerous trainings for college youth and other community members to serve as our “leaders of  wellness.” Read more about our programming and our past events.