Greetings of Peace!

We hope that you all had a lovely summer and are getting ready to start the Fall again.

To continue our focus on expanding our virtual presence, we are thrilled to introduce to you two of our recent web-based initiatives. First, we are excited to offer a *virtual* peer health education program, where HEART educators will be trained to serve as educators for any individuals seeking reproductive health and mental well-being information via the our website. For more information about this exciting program and to meet our virtual educators, please click here. Second, we have an exciting collaboration with the Women’s Health Foundation that is already underway. The project will focus on tailoring Women’s Health Foundation’s Adolescent Pelvic Health Initiative also known as Below Your Belt to create a virtual resource targeting Muslim adolescent girls and their mothers, in hopes of facilitating conversations about a topic that has generally been seen as awkward.

HEART was founded due to a need to give women and girls in the faith-based community a safe platform to have honest discussions about sensitive topics such as body image, reproductive health, and self-esteem.  Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns. We’re happy to continue the conversation, and as always you can find us on our facebook page, or ourwebsite.

Until then,  we hope that you will continue to spread our important message to your friends and family: it takes HEART to grow. Health Education. Advocacy. Research. Training.

Looking forward to seeing you this year,

Nadiah Mohajir, MPH
Co-founder & Executive Director
HEART Women & Girls


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