Apr 302014

A collaborative effort between the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation, HEART Women & Girls, the Rahma Network, and Karamah, Engaging Muslim Communities in Ending Sexual Exploitation: A Toolkit and Resource Guide targets groups within Muslim communities and any other individuals of faith who are passionate about ending sexual exploitation. This toolkit provides background information on issues surrounding prostitution and other forms of sexual exploitation and can be used to raise awareness and mobilize your community to join the fight to end sexual exploitation.

In this first-of-its-kind guide, you will find information on the following:

  • Information on sexual exploitation – definitions, statistics, and difference between human trafficking and prostitution
  • Background on sexual violence and exploitation in the Muslim community – definitions, statistics and barriers to addressing the issue
  • Quranic passages and other textual evidence opposing sexual exploitation
  • Call to action – tips and strategies to raising awareness in the community and ending sexual exploitation
  • Activist spotlights – short background on activists currently working in the field
  • Resources to learn more

To download this useful resource, please click here.

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