Ask A Question: Medical Questions



Do you have a question you’d like to ask a medical professional? We have a student physician on staff and a number of other practicing physicians in family and gynecology medicine that we consult with. Email Vanessa today!

vanessaVanessa Parvez, Student Physician Assistant, Tennessee

Growing up, I was always searching for spaces to discuss the unique spiritual and social challenges that Muslim-American  women are faced with in school, work, and home settings. (This was before the internet happened). In college, I was finally  able to gain access to resources and information that helped me make informed decisions about my body, health, and  relationships. My life experiences have taught me to be understanding, reflective, and resilient. Moreover, I have found that  having awesome, culturally-sensitive mentors makes everything a little easier to navigate – that’s why I am a peer educator.  Often times, we have our own answers, but we just need to be connected to the right resources.

A little background info: writing is one of my favorite things to do and I have blogged about young women, Islam, and self-esteem for the last six years. I am currently studying to be a Physician Assistant. I have a strong interest in public health, women’s empowerment, nurturing the Muslim-American identity, and “started from the bottom now we here” narratives. All of these topics are connected by the thread of increased self-awareness. The best advice I have ever read is, “It’s important to live your truth, to surround yourself with people who will listen and affirm you, and to make sure that you show up fully – as you are – in every space you enter.” To ask Vanessa a question, please email Vanessa at