Ask a Question: Self-Esteem & Body Image



Do you have a question or concern about self-esteem or body-image? Speak with our educators today.

Alia HEART photoAlia Azmat, doctoral student clinical psychology, Chicago, IL

Hi friends! My name is Alia. I am currently a young professional navigating graduate school where I am studying to get my doctorate in clinical psychology. When I’m  not at work I love spending time outside—hiking, running, or reading a book (and falling asleep) in the sun. I am currently  reading Bell Hook’s  “All about Love” and Alice Walkers “A Cushion in the Road”.

I studied Global Health in college, where I focused on women’s perceptions on menstruation, contraception and gynecology  and learned public health solutions must be tailored to the cultural contexts of the communities they are looking to serve. I am  motivated to empower young women to learn about themselves and their bodies because I believe self-awareness and confidence are the first steps to making healthy, well-informed decisions.

My areas of expertise include body image/distorted eating, self-esteem and self-care, and interpersonal relationships. I am looking forward to furthering the cause of culturally sensitive, compassionate, and competent reproductive health care and being a resource and ear to anyone who needs one. To ask Alia a question, please email her at

SH_HEARTSarah Hasan, New York, NY

As an educator with HEART since 2011, I have facilitated safe spaces with many young middle school and high school girls on  topics such as media literacy, self-esteem and sexual violence awareness. I am trained as a sexual violence advocate and was  invited to contribute to Let’s Talk about Sex (Education): A Guide to Effective Programming for Muslim Youth – a culturally  sensitive toolkit for educators and adult allies.

I grew up with a pretty warped perspective on sexual and reproductive health – that it was something to be explored, but with  limitations rooted in respect for tradition and culture, so that it could not essentially be explored. When I did eventually start to explore it, I realized how full of contradictions my understanding was, and so I began unlearning and redefining some things. I believe that safe, inclusive spaces are integral to communal wellness, and that matters such as sexual and reproductive health need to be approached with respect for the emotional, mental and physical well-being of both the individual and the community.

With a background in Psychology and Education, I am currently a designer of learning by morning, and a raiser of awareness by night. My advocacy interests lie in sex education for youth development, body image and self-esteem, sexual violence, healthy relationships, and media literacy. My personal interests include art that makes me think or dance, genuine conversations regardless of setting, consuming tea in large quantities, and losing my sense of the present through spontaneous bouts of daydreaming. To ask Sarah a question, please email Sarah at