It takes HEART to grow…..

Health Literacy

Using a culturally-sensitive approach, HEART Women & Girls aspires to improve the health literacy of faith-based communities through the following mechanisms:

  • Developing culturally-sensitive health information
  • Developing toolkits and trainings to support adult allies and professionals who provide health education programming to faith-based communities
  • Consulting established institutions and programs on how to make the programming more culturally-sensitive
Leaders of Wellness

HEART Women & Girls offers opportunities – virtual and in person – to train youth and adult allies to come together in a safe space to learn about their bodies and serve as resources of health information for their communities.

Healthy Communities

HEART Women & Girls builds partnerships and coalitions to empower faith-based communities to make healthy choices through joint programming, advocacy, and research. Current and past partners have been:

  • Webb Foundation
  • MAS
  • Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago
  • Hamdard Center for Health & Human Services
  • Albany Park Community Center
  • Chicago Public Schools
  • Ehsan Center, San Fernando Valley, California
  • SMILE, New Jersey
  • Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan
  • Muslim Association of Greater Rockford
  • Masjid Bait ul-Ilm
  • Islamic Foundation
  • MCC Full Time School
  • Advocates for Youth
  • Office on Womens Health, Dept of HHS
  • Women’s Health Foundation