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Faith and Sex are not Mutually Exclusive

Conservative Muslims and Islamophobes have one thing in Common: Hating on Mona Haydar

NoVo Foundation Launches Fourth Cycle of Move to End Violence

Chicago Foundation for Women Annual Luncheon Grantee Highlights

Breaking Taboos on Sexual Health: An Interview with Nadiah Mohajir

Immigrant Women Fear Deportation Under Trump if they Report Abuse, Advocates Say

Trump’s ‘Honor Killing’ Tracking System Could System Exacerbate Domestic Violence

HEART Receives $30,000 Grant from Raliance

Muslim-American Women Seek Change from Within

Breaking Taboos: Why a Calgary Therapist is Teaching Muslims to Talk About Sexual Health

Sexual Assault Allegations Against Illinois Imam Stirs Insular South Asian Community

As reported by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Matt Apuzzo in the New York Times

Sexual Assault Case Discussed at Theological Seminary

Girl Talk with Sahar Pirzada

ABC Investigates Sexual Abuse Allegations

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South Asian Shocked at Sexual Assault Allegations against Local Imam

Sex-Abuse Allegations Against Chicago-Muslim Religious Leader Roils Community

The Culture around Silence 

Executive Director Nadiah Mohajir discusses the challenges to addressing sexual violence in the Muslim community on WBEZ’s Worldview

Sex Abuse Scandal involving a Local Imam Shakes Chicago Muslims

Hear from first hand from a survivor of sexual abuse

Sex Education and the Muslim Community

Executive director Nadiah Mohajir discusses the challenges to implementing sex education in the Muslim community on WBEZ’s Morning Shift

Muslim Women Dispel Stereotypes

This is an MSNBC Nightly News story on our collaborative program with the Ehsan Center in San Fernando Valley, California. Over eighty women and girls from surrounding areas spent a day with us learning about self-esteem, bullying, peer pressure, healthy eating & fitness. More on this story here.

Challenges Facing Muslim Women on Campus

HEART Executive Director on Radio Islam in February 2014.

2010 Radio Islam Interview